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In Home Pet Euthanasia

Euthanasia -From the meaning “good death”: refers to the practice of ending a life in a painless manner.


Making the decision

At Advanced Veterinary Mobile clinic we understand that saying goodbye to a dear pet companion is the most difficult decision one sometimes has to make. Although it’s difficult, planning a calm, stress-free euthanasia for your pet is the most humane thing one can do. We will provide the compassion to create a loving final farewell for your pet where they feel safe, secure and loved, in their own home with  loved ones by their side.

The Last Moments

When you feel it’s time. We will come to your home. It will be your choice to be present or not for the procedure. If you choose to be present, we will find a place where you and your pet feel the most comfortable: On your pet’s bed, the soft grass, on a comfortable favorite spot in your home or simply in the arms of a loving owner. When you and your pet are ready, Dr. Ron will administer a sedation shot that will help calm your pet and help take away any fear or pain. He then will give you and your family as much time as needed to say goodbye to your loving pet companion. When you feel comfortable, he  will place a small IV catheter and administer the injection, which is a concentrated barbiturate. The solution is specially made to act quickly and painlessly. Your pet will gently take a last breath and peacefully fall asleep.


After the procedure, it will be your choice how you would like to take care of your pet’s remains. Most pet owners choose to have their pet cremated and the ashes returned to them. We will transport your pet to the crematory and have the ashes delivered back to you in a cedar urn within 8-10 days. Our beautiful kit (The Classic Memorial) includes a cedar Urn with lock and key, your pet’s name plate, a porcelain paw print, a certificate of cremation and a beautiful poem.

You may also choose not to have the ashes returned to you.  If you would like make other arrangements for aftercare, we will leave your pet with you under your care.

The Classic Memorial

Includes a Cedar Urn with lock and key, a beautiful porcelain paw print, Certificate and Rainbow Bridge  Poem.

Paw prints available at your request…

Phone Consultation

If  you feel the time is near, please contact Advanced Veterinary Mobile Clinic by phone or email. We will do our best to comfort you and answer any questions you may have about your pet’s quality of life and about the procedure.


The fee depends on the size of the pet, and the aftercare option selected.  Please feel free to contact Dr. Ronny Nekoukar’s scheduler at (818) 441-9366 or email us for more information.