Veterinary Services

We’re pleased to offer the following services in our Mobile Veterinary Clinic:



Physical Examinations

Regular Physical exams will  allow Dr. Ron  to evaluate your pet’s  health and become aware of any health problems before they become serious illnesses. Your pet is not able to vocalize his feelings, therefore, they must rely on regular physical examinations by a veterinarian and your at-home observations to assess your pet’s health. At Advanced Veterinary Mobile clinic, we will be able to perform diagnostic tests, including a blood tests to evaluate your pet’s health.



Puppy and kitten wellness Exams                                                                 

Bringing a new puppy or kitten into your home can be a positive, life changing experience – but it can also be a lot of work! At advanced Vet mobile Clinic we perform a full examination of your pet and discuss with you important information about your new pet, including vaccines, parasite treatment, your puppy or kitten’s nutritional needs, house training and more. The best part is that this will all be performed at the comfort of your own home, to avoid exposing your new pet to contagious diseases that may be found at a regular Vet’s office.



Common diseases can now be prevented through the use of regular vaccinations. At Advanced Veterinary Mobile clinic we  vaccinate against  rabies, feline leukemia, parvovirus, distemper and other disease. Some vaccinations are given annually while others are given every three years.



Your pet is  susceptible to hundreds of skin problems. At Advanced Veterinary mobile clinic, we diagnose and treat symptoms affecting your pet’s irritated skin such as: Alopecia (hair loss), fleas, and red-itchy ears.  Allergies are a very common cause of skin  and ear dissorders in your pet. At Advanced Vet Mobile clinic, we strive to stay current on skin diseases and diagnose the problem by providing a therapeutic plan.


At Advanced Veterinary Mobile Clinic we are able to perform a variety of laboratory tests such as fungal cultures, skin scrapings, parasite testing and more. We use Antech Laboratory to run more extensive tests such as CBC/Chemistry, Cytologies, Urinalysis, and a wide range of laboratory panels. Results are often available within 24 hours, which means a fast, accurate diagnosis for your loving pet companion.


Arthritis and Pain management

Pet arthritis is one of the most common sources of chronic pain that veterinarians treat. If your dog is having difficulty standing, walking or experiencing stiffness, he might be suffering from arthritis. At Advanced vet mobile Clinic, we will eveluate your pet and  manage his arthritis by finding the right treatment to help your furry friend.


Surgical Care

Surgical care can be a stressful experience for you and your pet. At Advanced Veterinary Mobile Clinic, we strive to provide high-quality, compassionate surgical care for your pet while giving you peace of mind.

We perform a range of surgical procedures for your pet, from routine spay/neuter surgeries to more complex procedures. During surgery, sophisticated equipment such as blood pressure, EKC and pulse oximetry monitors, is used to monitor your pet’s vital signs while a heating pad keeps your pet warm and maintains his or her body temperature. A skilled, experienced veterinary technician assists the Dr. during surgery and keeps a close eye on the patient. Surgeries are performed at our Partner Hospitals located in San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley.


Our appointment book is computerized which allows us to efficiently make appointments for you and your pet. Our Practice Manager Lilie will attempt to accommodate all requests to the best of our ability. We are available for scheduled housecall appointments from:

*Sunday- Saturday By Appointment  

Emergencies are accepted anytime during operating hours. If you feel you have an emergency, please call us and we will do our best to accomodate you and your pet. If your emergency occurs after operating hours please contact Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital (818) 788-2022 Location: 14302 Ventura Blvd.  Sherman Oaks CA, 91423

Types of Pets Seen

At Advanced Vet Mobile Clinic, we attend to:

  • Dogs
  • Cats

If you have an exotic pet, bird or reptile in need of medical attention, we proudly refer to Capri Plaza Pet Clinic. Dr. Yoko Tamura (818) 881-6344



Advanced Vet Mobile Clinic accepts payment via cash, check, MasterCard, or Visa. So that we can continue to provide you high quality service utilizing the best medical technologies, we request that payment be made at the time services are rendered.

We provide estimates for all surgeries and hospitalizations. If you have not received an estimate, you are welcome to request one at any time for your expected charges.



Advanced Vet Mobile Clinic offers discounted services to senior citizens and local area rescue groups. Pre-approval is required to qualify for the rescue group discounts, please call us for more information.